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  • One Couple’s Special Thanksgiving

    Bob and Marian Jeffery

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    There could not have been a better time of the year than now for us to be on the receiving end of a thankful-worthy blessing for restoration of our good health.

    As husband and wife recipients of total right hip replacements three weeks apart, we are experiencing the renewal of “getting our lives back”. The simple pleasure of bending over, twisting, using stairs, sitting, standing, and walking, all without pain or compromise, is no longer just a simple pleasure, but a personal, heart-felt miracle!

    We are incredibly grateful to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Peter Callander, his expertise and friendly demeanor, his dedicated staff, the wonderful CPMC medical facilities and support care staff, and the magnificent technology that has been contributing to our transformations and speedy recoveries.

    For us this year, Thanksgiving has special meaning, and we are most thankful for benefiting from these combined, life-changing medical and human resources. We wish all involved personnel and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving, one that matches ours!

    All the best always

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