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    My mom suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and was in desperate need of a total knee replacement. She was in so much pain and couldn't walk prior to her surgery. Her joint was totally obliterated from her RA. She was adamant about finding a doctor that would be willing to do it under a minimal invasive approach. I wasn't convinced that it was possible until we met Dr. Peter Callander. My mom had a stellar experience with him. From his bedside manner, kindness, and skillful surgical technique, Dr. Callander is truly the best there is. My mom was up and walking a few hours post surgery. Within one week she was 100% recovered, walking without a walker or cain, going up flights of stairs, not needing any pain meds. I'm not sure how Dr. Callander does it but it's true- a minimal invasive approach for a total knee replacement. Now my mom's friends and family from all over the country are making appointments to see him. He is the best. If you need a new knee wth minimal down time and pain, Dr.

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